Banana Fiber Extraction Machine

Capacity: 1 t/h, 2 t/h

Motor Power: 7.5kw, 11kw

Outer diameter of blade: 440mm

Suitable for the extraction and processing of banana stem, sisal, jute, pineapple leaf, hemp, ramie and other fibers.


Abaca description

The abaca fiber is slender, tough and light, and it is not perishable when immersed in seawater, so it is high-quality raw material for fishing nets and marine cables. Abaca can also be used for producing weaving mats and carpets and high-quality hemp fabrics. Banana is produced in the tropics and subtropics, and Luzon and Mindanao in the Philippines are the main producing areas. It is exported at the Port of Manila, so it is also called Manila hemp.

Introduction to banana fiber extraction machine

Mayboom Machinery has developed an automatic banana fiber extractor machine, which is suitable for the extraction and processing of coke hemp fiber, as well as the extraction and processing of sisal, jute, banana stem, pineapple leaf, hemp, ramie and other fibers. Our banana fiber making machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, low production cost and clean fiber extraction, which is the best choice of various fiber processing enterprises.
Working principle of banana fiber extraction machine

1. The raw materials be automatically or manually fed into the feeding mechanism of the banana fiber extractor machine.

2. The feeding mechanism of the banana fiber extraction machine feeds the raw materials into the knife ball.

3. The combination of the high-speed rotating knife ball and the fixed knife breaks the mesophyll of the raw material to separate the fibers.

4. The separated fibers fall off the conveyor belt and be sent to the next step.

Technical Data:

Outer Diameter of Blade Drum440mm440mm440mm
Motor Power7.5kw11kw7.5kw
Production Capacity(Fresh Leaf)2t/hr2t/hr1t/hr
Overall Dimensions(mm)3100×1250×13103100×1250×13103100×1250×1310
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