Pineapple Leaf Fiber Extraction Machine

Capacity: 1 t/h, 2 t/h

Motor Power: 7.5kw, 11kw

Outer diameter of blade: 440mm

Suitable for the extraction and processing of pineapple leaf, banana stem, sisal, jute, hemp, ramie and other fibers.


Pineapple leaf fiber

Pineapple leaf fiber, also known as pineapple hemp, is a fiber extracted from pineapple leaves and belongs to the leaf hemp fiber. Pineapple fiber looks white, soft and smooth, and feels like silk, so it is also called pineapple silk.

Pineapple leaf fiber extraction machine is suitable for fiber extraction and processing of sisal, jute, banana stem, pineapple leaf, hemp, ramie, etc. 

Usage of pineapple fiber

1. After being deep processed, the pineapple fiber is white, soft and smooth, which can be blended with natural or synthetic fibers. The woven fabric of pineapple fiber is easy to print and dye, breathable, stiff and wrinkle-free, and comfortable to wear.

2. Pineapple fiber is also widely used in many industries. Pineapple fiber can be used to produce needle-punched non-woven fabrics which can be used as geotextiles for the reinforcement and protection of reservoirs and river dams.

3. Since pineapple fiber yarn is stronger than cotton yarn and has more hairiness, pineapple fiber is also an ideal material for the production of rubber conveyor belt, cord fabric, triangle belt, core wire, etc.

4. Pineapple fiber can be used to produce canvas with stronger toughness than cotton canvas.

5. Pineapple fiber can also be used in production of papermaking, strong plastics, roofing materials, ropes, fishing nets and weaving crafts.

The automatic pineapple leaf fiber extraction machine or pineapple leaf fiber fiber extracting machine developed by our company has the advantages of high production efficiency, low labor intensity, low production cost, clean fiber extraction and so on.

Technical Data:

Outer Diameter of Blade Drum440mm440mm440mm
Motor Power7.5kw11kw7.5kw
Production Capacity(Fresh Leaf)2t/hr2t/hr1t/hr
Overall Dimensions(mm)3100×1250×13103100×1250×13103100×1250×1310
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