Ginger and Turmeric Drying Line in Nepal

Raw materials: ginger, turmeric

Equipment: Mesh belt dryer

Heat source: high-efficiency coal-fired heat exchange furnace


Nepal produces ginger and turmeric. In order to facilitate export trade, the customer purchased ginger and turmeric drying and milling production line from our company.

Nepalese people like ginger, so the planting amount is huge. In 2012, the output of ginger already accounted for 12% of the world, and the export of ginger ranked third in the world. Nepalese ginger is white and tender, fragrant and delicious, refreshing, and low in crude fiber content. It can be used as dish and seasoning, and even as a medicine. After drying and milling and deep processing, ginger can be made into spices and condiments welcomed by the international and domestic markets.

The ginger and turmeric drying and milling production line equipment purchased by from our company has been put into use, realizing a large-scale, automated, and centralized industrial processing model. Together with intelligent control system, the nutritional components and medicinal value of ginger and turmeric tablets are well preserved in the entire processing process. 

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