Heat Pump Fungus Drying Machine

Application of heat pump fungus drying room:

1. Dry shiitake mushroom, oyster mushrooms, hericium erinaceus and other fungus.

2. Dry apple, lemon, mango slices, Longan and other fruits

3. Dry radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrot, spinach, cassava and other vegetables.

4. Dry meat, such as fish, sausage, ham, etc.

Drying capacity: 0.2 to 10 tons per day


Shiitake mushroom, oyster mushrooms, hericium erinaceus and other fungus have a long history. Compared with other industries, the drying process of fungus also has better advantages. Good drying technology and heat pump fungus drying machine room determine the shape, color and fragrance of dried mushrooms.

Product introduction:

The new heat pump shiitake mushroom drying machine room has the characteristics of precise temperature control and humidity control, high efficiency and energy saving. Enter the relevant curve drying parameters on PLC control system, and then the heat pump hericium erinaceus drying machine will work independently to complete the drying process of fungus, shiitake mushroom, oyster mushrooms and hericium erinaceus. Due to the heat pump oyster mushrooms drying machine room, the quality of dried fungus improves greatly.

Steps of fungus drying:

1. Loading: Shiitake/oyster mushrooms must be loaded evenly ventilated and not placed too much, then put it on the custom-made cart and send it to the mushroom drying room.

2. Drying: You can set the relevant drying parameters on the PLC touch screen control system of heat pump fungus drying machine room based on the past drying experience. The fungus dryer machine room is with function of memory storage, so there is no need to set it again in the later drying. The outlet temperature of the heat pump shiitake mushroom dryer machine is 75°C, and it is not recommended to exceed 65°C during the drying process to prevent the nutritional content of the mushrooms from being destroyed.

3. Dehumidification: The heat pump oyster mushrooms dryer machine can remove moisture automatically or manually, which is flexible and convenient and with high efficiency. At the same time, the dehumidification system is also a heat recovery system, and the heat in the dehumidification process will be recycled by the heat pump host to ensure that the heat in the mushroom drying room will not be lost.

4. Circulating wind system: The fan circulation system in the heat pump mushroom drying machine room ensures the continuous circulation of hot air in the fungus drying machine room, so the hot air can be uniformly transported to each part of the mushroom drying room, so all parts of mushroom are heated evenly, and the appearance and fragrance is good.

5. Shipment of finished products: Press the junction of the lid and the stem with your fingers, if it feels dry and there is no leakage of water, the dried shiitake mushrooms are qualified. Qualified dried shiitake mushrooms dried by shiitake mushrooms drying machine have a special fragrance, and the individual shiitake mushrooms are intact, maintaining the original e and natural color.

Today, the heat pump fungus drying machine room has been popularized and applied, which can precisely control temperature and humidity, so that the shape of the dried mushrooms is round without deformation, with no smoke and no burnt smell. The use of heat pump hericium erinaceus drying machine room to dry the mushrooms has been praised by the mushroom farmers, and the finished dried mushrooms are also with high quality.

Technical Data:

Model Large size Medium size Small size
Total power 49.65kw 23.2kw 10.75kw
Board room material Polyurethane insulation board(Also can choose rock wool insulation board)
Compressor Air enthalpy increasing valley wheel compressor
Refrigerant R134a
Number of fan 17 16 19
Number of trays 360 144 96
Number of trolleys 15 6 4
Size of trolley 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.86*0.81*1.75m
Board room size 8*3*2.85m 5.6*2.2*2.7m 3.3*2*2.2m
Applicable temperature range Minus 10℃~43℃
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