Sweet Potato Dryer

Output: ranges from 3 tons to 20 tons per day

Layers: ranges from 1 layer to 7 layers

Length: ranges from 6 meters to 32 meters

Belt width: ranges from 1.7 meters to 3 meters

Customization is also available.


Introduction to belt sweet potato dryer:

The belt sweet potato dryer machine is designed for drying agricultural products, such as onion, yam, sweet potatoes, with large output and good drying effect, which greatly improves the storage period of various agricultural products.

The belt yam dryer is a fully automatic drying equipment designed to adapt to the mass flow production of dried yam. The belt yam dryer machine adopts a multi-layer structure to significantly shorten the total length of the equipment and greatly reduce the investment in plant construction.

Advantages and characteristics of belt sweet potato drying machine: 

1. Temperature and humidity are automatically set and controlled to ensure that the active ingredients of onion, yam and sweet potatoes won't be destructively changed;

2. The drying medium of the belt sweet potato dryer machine is pure and will not pollute the raw materials, so the color of dried materials won't be changed.

3. Each layer of mesh belt is equipped with stopper and guider plate to prevent the material from falling from the upper layer to the next layer directly.

4 The materials to be dried are cyclically turned inside the belt sweet potato dryer machine and be dried layer by layer to ensure that the drying degree of the material is consistent.

5. The feeding conveyor is equipped with a homogenizing device, which can adjust the thickness of the materials according to the bulk densities of materials, and maximize the feeding amount to ensure the output of the belt potato drying machine.

6. The transmission part of yam potato dryer machine is designed with variable frequency motor, which can control the drying time according to the moisture content of materials, which can improve the efficiency and ensure the drying effect.

Sweet potato slicer or potato cutter:

We also provide sweet potato slicer or potato cutter, as well as other sweet potato processing equipment, to form a complete potato drying line.

Output of belt sweet potato dryer machine:

The large-scale belt sweet potato drying equipment produced by Mayboom Machinery has a daily drying output of several tons to dozens of tons, and the size of the equipment can also be customized according to different needs of customers. Please choose suitable equipment according to your actual drying needs to avoid insufficient production capacity or waste of resources, or directly consult the sales staff of the manufacturer for a corresponding recommendation and reference.

Prices of belt sweet potato drying machine:

The price of belt type sweet potato dryer and yam dryer machine varies according to different heat source and materials. At present, the price ranges from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands dollars.

Technical Data:

Model GX-6 GX-8 GX-9 GX-10 GX-12
Layer 4
Drying temperature 0~120℃
Drying time 0.1~5 hours
Moisture reduce 85%~8% (customized)
Drying area 29m2 45m2 51m2 57m2 69m2
Total power 14.55kw 19.25kw 19.95kw 26.95kw 27.75kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6000*2200*2300 mm 8000*2200*2300 mm 9000*2200*2300 mm 10000*2200*2400 mm 12000*2200*2400 mm
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