Apricot Drying Plant in Uzbekistan

Raw materials: fresh apricots, apricot kernels

Equipment: large air energy heat pump drying room

Heat source: air energy heat pump host


Uzbekistan is a large fresh apricot planting country, with yield of hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh apricots every year. However, Uzbekistan cannot enter the ocean and is far from the main sales market, logistics is difficult and costly. In order to solve the problem of difficult sales of their own apricots, the Uzbekistan customer purchased air energy heat pump apricot drying room equipment and supporting processing production line from our company after inspection.

The customer chose this kind of apricot drying equipment mainly because of the intelligent control system of the heat pump drying room. The intelligent control system can precisely control parameters such as temperature, humidity, time, air volume, mode and so on during drying of apricots, ensures the processing quality of dried apricots and brings high profits to Uzbekistan customer.

The air energy heat pump apricot drying room equipment purchased by Uzbekistan customer is mainly composed of intelligent heat pump host as the heat source, high insulation performance polyurethane board, high temperature and high humidity environment axial fan, high strength cart and tray.

In addition to drying apricots, this drying equipment can also be used to dry and process other local agricultural and sideline products, which not only improves the utilization rate of the equipment, but also helps customer increase additional revenue.

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