Heat Pump Apricot Drying Machine

Drying capacity: 0.2 to 10 tons per day

Board room material: polyurethane insulation board (or rock wool insulation board)

Applicable temperature range: Minus 10℃~43℃

Heat sources: electricity, coal, steam, natural gas, biomass pellets, diesel, methane, heavy oil, methanol, etc.


Introduction to apricot drying machine room: The heat pump apricot drying machine room provides heat through the air energy heat pump. Under the action of the circulating fan, the heat is efficiently circulated in the closed polyurethane insulation board room in the form of hot air, so as to dry apricots placed on cart and pallet inside apricot dryer machine room.

Output of apricot drying room machine: Our heat pump apricot drying machine room can meet the drying demand for fresh apricots ranging from two hundred kilograms to ten tons, which is very suitable for farmers and small and medium-sized enterprises.If you are large food processing enterprise or cooperatives with huge drying output, you can purchase multiple sets of apricot dryer machine rooms arranging in groups.

Because apricots have a short shelf life, they are easy to be rot and deteriorated if they are not sold or processed in time. In order to ensure value of apricots, apricot farmers dry them into dried apricots. Dried apricots are with longer storage period, and convenient to be transported.

Therefore, more and more apricot farmers purchase heat pump apricot dryer machine room by themselves for apricot drying processing. Mayboom Machinery has a history of nearly 20 years since its establishment, with a lot of drying technology and experience, and it is mainly engaged in researching,developing, manufacturing and marketing drying machine used for agricultural and sideline products.

Technical Data:

Model Large size Medium size Small size
Total power 49.65kw 23.2kw 10.75kw
Board room material Polyurethane insulation board(Also can choose rock wool insulation board)
Compressor Air enthalpy increasing valley wheel compressor
Refrigerant R134a
Number of fan 17 16 19
Number of trays 360 144 96
Number of trolleys 15 6 4
Size of trolley 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.86*0.81*1.75m
Board room size 8*3*2.85m 5.6*2.2*2.7m 3.3*2*2.2m
Applicable temperature range Minus 10℃~43℃
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