Pepper Drying Line in Burmese

Raw materials: pepper, chili

Equipment: Mesh belt dryer

Heat source: high-efficiency coal-fired heat exchange furnace


Before purchasing the pepper processing line, the customer in Myanmar dried pepper with the shed drying method, the color, quality and red pigment content of dried peppers can reached the ideal indicators. Due to the development of industrialization, and peppers are cultivated in a large area, the quantity is large, and the human and material resources are limited.

In order to expand production needs, the customer from Myanmar came to our company for inspection and visits, and signed a contract to order pepper drying machine with capacity of 10 tons per day. After the pepper dryer being put into use, about 10 and 16 tons of fresh peppers can be dried per day, and the color and quality of dried peppers can also be guaranteed.

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