Garlic Ginger Dryer

Output: ranges from 3 tons to 20 tons per day

Layers: ranges from 1 layer to 7 layers

Length: ranges from 6 meters to 32 meters

Belt width: ranges from 1.7 meters to 3 meters

We can design ginger and garlic drying line with various specifications according to different investments.


Introduction to ginger and garlic dryer:

The ginger and garlic dryer machine is used for drying ginger and garlic slices, as well as drying other vegetables. The ginger and garlic drying machine is suitable for enterprises with large processing capacity, and it has another name of condiment dryer machine.

The belt garlic dryer machine is continuous drying equipment researched and developed on the basis of the traditional mesh belt ginder dryer machine. The ginger and garlic drying equipment has advantages of strong pertinence, practicability and high energy efficiency, which can save labor and drying space, so as to save drying costs for enterprises.

Advantages of ginger and garlic dryer:

1. The belt garlic drying machine is with a structure of multi-layer belt, and the parts contacting  materials are all made of stainless steel, so the drying process is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

2. The belt ginger dryer machine is with two-way doors, which is beneficial to be checked and dismantled, and it's easy to be opened to clean materials.

3. The belt garlic drying machine has a high degree of automation, and the materials are automatically turned during the drying process to ensure even drying of materials.

4. The belt garlic dryer machine is with strong compatibility and wide adaptability, which is suitable for the drying of a variety of materials.

5. The drying air is pure hot air which can ensure that the finished product is clean and hygienic.

6. The belt type ginger drying machine and condiment dryer machine enjoys automatic temperature control, automatic spreading, and continuous drying.

We can design ginger and garlic drying line with various specifications according to different investments.

Technical Data:

Model GX-6 GX-8 GX-9 GX-10 GX-12
Layer 4
Drying temperature 0~120℃
Drying time 0.1~5 hours
Moisture reduce 85%~8% (customized)
Drying area 29m2 45m2 51m2 57m2 69m2
Total power 14.55kw 19.25kw 19.95kw 26.95kw 27.75kw
Overall dimension(L*W*H) 6000*2200*2300 mm 8000*2200*2300 mm 9000*2200*2300 mm 10000*2200*2400 mm 12000*2200*2400 mm
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