Food freeze dryer

Vacuum freeze drying technology, also known as sublimation drying, is a method to pre-freeze water-containing material and sublimate its moisture under vacuum. The original biological and chemical properties of freeze-dried items are basically unchanged, which is easy to keep for a long time. After adding water, they can be restored to the state before freeze-drying and maintain their original biochemical properties. Therefore, vacuum freeze drying technology is widely used in food, chemical, biological products and other fields


Processing technology: 

The food freeze dryer technology can dry vegetable and fruits, meat and poultry,aquatic products, condiments, convenience and famous specialty products etc and can achieve the purpose of keeping the original color ,aroma, taste,shape and freshness of the food, and it can be reused in the water -based food . Easy to store and transport ,lower cost and keep the nutrition.

Application of fruit vacuum fryer

1. Fruits: apples, kiwi picks, wood grapes, persimmons, strawberries, grapes, peaches, pears, bananas, cantaloupe, pineapple, etc.

2. Vegetables: tomatoes, sweet potatoes, potatoes (fries, potato chips), green beans, shiitake mushrooms, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, onions, okra, etc.

3. Aquatic products and meat: small yellow croaker, shrimp, beef, small crab, fish bone, etc.

Advantages of our freeze dryer 

* LCD Touch screen,low noise, large capacity
*The controller is moved to the top left corner for easy operation.
* Automatic one-key start PLC control system throughout the complete freeze drying process
* Oil vacuum pump is included as standard configuration. Oil-free dry scroll vacuum pump is optional.
* Low operating current and low energy consumption
* Solid stainless steel sample tray and chamber reliable for sample safety and easy for cleaning
* Clear organic glass door with direct observation of sample processing
* Optional: stainless steel exterior and oil-free vacuum pump

Working principle of vegetable vacuum fryer:

Prepare fresh vegetables, slice them or cut them into strips,or keep them as whole, then put them in the vegetable vacuum frying machine. In the vacuum system, oil is used as the heat transfer medium to rapidly evaporate the water inside the fruits and vegetables, then the heat enters into materials, so fried materials turn to fluffy and porous tissue structure. Our vegetable vacuum frying equipment can effectively reduce the damage of high temperature to the nutrients of materials to be dried.

Vegetable vacuum frying machine prices are different according to the molds and your materials, please leave us a message for vegetable vacuum fryer price list.

Technical Data:

Drying area 0.1㎡0.4㎡0.6㎡0.92㎡
Tray size (mm)140*278200*425310*440265*435
Ultimate vacuum<2Pa
Noise level <60dB
Cooling wayair cooking 
Machine size (mm)670*600*780700*630*900mm730*810*1180mm730*810*1180mm
Machine weight(kg)5080120140
Power (w)1100155020002000
Electric 220v 240V 50 or 60 HZ  customer made 110v



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