Heat Pump Grape Drying Machine

Drying capacity: 0.2 to 10 tons per day

Board room material: polyurethane insulation board (or rock wool insulation board)

Applicable temperature range: Minus 10℃~43℃

Heat sources: electricity, coal, steam, natural gas, biomass pellets, diesel, methane, heavy oil, methanol, etc.


If you are a big grape grower and the following problems often occur in your grape processing,  you need a heat pump grape drying machine room: grape drying takes a long time; the drying efficiency is low; it is easily affected by the weather and environment; and the dried raisins are often discolored and deteriorated, hard to be stored, etc.

Introduction to heat pump grape drying machine:

Our heat pump grape dryer machine room adopts PLC control system, which can accurately control the drying temperature and humidity during the drying process, with no pollution, low operating cost, high efficiency, reasonable circulating air design, uniform drying and so on. Multiple drying parameters can be set for automatic drying and dehumidification, so it is an indispensable heat pump grape drying machine for modern grape processing.

Composition of heat pump grape drying machine:

1. Host

Air energy heat pump drying dehumidifier (heat pump grape dryer uses little input electric energy to absorb free heat in the air to dry grapes).

2. Drying room

Insulation warehouse, used to place materials, ensures that the heat of the drying machine will not be lost to a great extent, so that the temperature of grape dryer can rise quickly.

3. Fan and fan stand

The fan brings the heat to every corner of the grape dryer to increase the temperature of the drying room, and takes away the water evaporated from materials.

4. Carts and trays

Carts and trays are made of 304 stainless steel and used to be placed materials. Carts and trays are corrosion-resistant, with long service life.


The roasted grapes must be ventilated and dissipated, and can't be stacked together before being cooled. Due to high sugar content of grapes, the sugar is easy to ferment and deteriorate under the action of heat if pile dried grapes in the storehouse immediately, and the original pectin in the grapes will also decompose pectin and pectic acid, which will inevitably make the grapes become sludge and be glued together. Therefore, dried grapes must be completely cooled before storage.

Technical Data:

Model Large size Medium size Small size
Total power 49.65kw 23.2kw 10.75kw
Board room material Polyurethane insulation board(Also can choose rock wool insulation board)
Compressor Air enthalpy increasing valley wheel compressor
Refrigerant R134a
Number of fan 17 16 19
Number of trays 360 144 96
Number of trolleys 15 6 4
Size of trolley 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.88*1.2*1.75m 0.86*0.81*1.75m
Board room size 8*3*2.85m 5.6*2.2*2.7m 3.3*2*2.2m
Applicable temperature range Minus 10℃~43℃
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