Sunflower Seed Drying Project in Uzbekistan

Raw materials: sunflower seeds

Equipment: 12m mesh belt dryer

Heat source: natural gas


Uzbekistan is a reliable neighbor and partner of our country, and it has important trade relations with our country, sunflower seeds are one of them. Especially in recent years, the amount of sunflower seeds exported to our country has been increased year by year. In order to meet the greater market demand, Uzbekistan customer purchased the large-scale fully automatic mesh belt dryer from our company for large-scale and large-yield drying of melon seeds.

Drying is an important link in the processing of seeds, which determines the quality and value of finished product. The large-scale automatic mesh belt sunflower seed dryer adopts an intelligent operating system, which can not only guarantee the drying quality of sunflower seeds, but also liberate labor, save drying time and space.

Uzbekistan customer have realized the mass continuous drying and processing of sunflower seeds by using our large-scale automatic mesh belt type sunflower seed dryer, which improved production capacity, met the demand for import and export trade, and played a role in promoting local economic development.

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